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Georgia Regents University


Phone Number (706) 721-2681      Fax (706) 721-8701

Augusta ALS Clinic Board

The purpose of the Augusta ALS Clinic Board is to help support the ALS Clinics in Augusta and Macon by providing the following:

  1. Advise Clinic Staff on policy and procedures
  2. Fund Raising for the Clinic and ALS association
  3. Enhance the Quality of Life of those impacted by ALS
  4. Expand Local ALS Support Systems
  5. Work to improve the Clinic

Augusta ALS Board members volunteer their time in support of the GRU ALS Clinics in AUGUSTA and MACON, and work with patients/family members coping with an ALS diagnosis. 

If you are interested in helping the ALS Clinic in either Augusta or Macon or want to join the board, please contact Dr. Michael Rivner at (706)721-2681 or

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